“Training with Gina is very enjoyable and rewarding. I can’t believe how much I can achieve in just 20 minutes – it is a proper workout!! It is very handy for me as I’m a working mom and I’m very busy with my baby and work so to get such a great workout in 20 minutes is perfect for me! I feel stronger and fitter for it!” - Tarryn Hoare, Principal Specialist: Vodacom Treasury


"I have been training with Gina with EMS since June 2013 and I still look forward to each session with her twice a week. It is 20 minutes of my life that I know really makes a huge difference both mentally and physically. Gina is very committed to her clients and ensures that each training session is tailored according to your needs. The EMS training has made me stronger than I have ever been and has definitely improved my performance in other activities like running and yoga. Gina is always inspiring, caring and motivates you to do more than you thought you can do and the next day your muscles will definitely tell you you have exercised!” - Ine-Lize Terblanche


"Let me start off by saying that I was very sceptical at first and agreed to do body symmetry for a few weeks at the max. It is almost 11 months later! I was converted after the very first session with Gina, and the results have been tremendous and quite visible. I am in a better shape now than ever before, just in time before my 35th birthday, thanks to Body Symmetry!" - Angus Young



"Training at Body Symmetry has been such a treat for me! Not only have I gained an incredible friend but I have toned up and lost centimeters :) It’s such an awesome alternative to weight training at the gym – 20 minutes and you done.. however you definitely feel its strength the following day. Thank you Gina! Privileged to be a part of the Body Symmetry family:)" - Tarryn Olfsen